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$<tool>install httpie

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I’ve probably mentioned @clihttp before, but it’s built-in JSON support alone makes it worth using. https://httpie.org
Not kidding, but I think I literally saved 10 hours this week using #HTTPie instead of #curl. If you are still on curl, you gotta learn how to use httpie. Its intutitive AF and so damn easy to use and extend #winning
I love httpie. That's all.
Holy crap, https://github.com/jkbr/httpie has changed my workflow almost as much as switching from notepad did.
#httpie I have to talk to external #API a lot which is painful to use, #httpie is super human friendly and helps #bootstrapping or testing calls to unknown endpoints.
I think I'm in love.. httpie @ http://bit.ly/zT6zM3 - "http GET http://igvita.com" in your console + pygments, etc!

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