HTTPie for Web & Desktop in public beta 🎉


One week ago

Changelog #0017 — ☁️ Sync, variables, incognito, more features, and public beta!

After months of development, testing, and collecting feedback in private beta, we’re opening HTTPie for Web & Desktop to everyone today 🚀

Two months ago

Changelog #0016 — ℹ️ OPTIONS method, 🔑 param auth, Terminal 3.2, and more

OPTIONS method, API key auth through parameters, HTTPie for Terminal 3.2, UI improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Two months ago

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 3.2

Refined UI, man pages, single binary executables, Debian releases, and more.

Three months ago

Changelog #0015 — 🐑 Duplicating collections and more

Duplicating collections, UI improvements, and bug fixes.

Three months ago

Changelog #0014 — 🗄 Spaces, API key auth, UI improvements, and more

Spaces, API key auth, contextual delete dialogs, unified create button, improved font, upcoming HTTPie for Terminal 3.2, and much more.

4 months ago

How we lost 54k GitHub stars

What we learned from losing a decade of stargazers and watchers, the biggest accidental community loss in open source history.

5 months ago

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 3.1

Improved cookie management, automatic session upgrades, nested JSON enhancements, and more.

5 months ago

Changelog #0013 — 👁️ Browser preview, drag & drop, and more

Browser preview, drag & drop in the library, improved help.

6 months ago

Changelog #0012 — 💎 Streamlined library, smarter request duplication, and more

Streamlined library, improved request duplication, nested JSON improvements, new CLI description export command, and more.

6 months ago

Changelog #0011 — ⚙️ Settings, auto redirects, and speed-ups

Dedicated settings tab, option to automatically follow redirects, speed-ups, HTTPie for Terminal 3.0.2, and more.

6 months ago

Changelog #0010 — 🪄 Prettify JSON, refined cursors, custom macOS window, and more

Prettify JSON, custom macOS window, refined cursors, extra collection icons, and HTTPie for Terminal 3.0

6 months ago

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 3.0

Nested JSON syntax, plugin manager, response metrics, speed-ups, improved UI/UX, other features, and bug fixes.

7 months ago

Changelog #0009 — 🌊 export cURL, HAR, and 30+ other formats

You can now export requests to 30+ formats in HTTPie for Web & Desktop, and enjoy a more robust and user-friendly nested JSON syntax in the CLI.

7 months ago

Changelog #0008 — 💟 Collection icons

Personalized library with collection icons, preview improvements, request methods in sidebar, new library icon, and more.

7 months ago

Changelog #0007 — 🔒 Auth at the collection level

Collection-level auth, default User-Agent, timed responses in HTTPie for Terminal, and more.

7 months ago

Changelog #0006 — 🎨 Unified style

Celebrating 53K GitHub stars, unified code style across the platform, and more.

8 months ago

Changelog #0005 — 📚 Library

This week we shipped a library feature preview (collections, drafts, named requests), runnable terminal examples in the docs, and more.

8 months ago

Changelog #0004 — 🖥️ Desktop app

Announcing desktop app availability, support for nested JSON in the CLI, improvements across the platform.

8 months ago

Changelog #0003 — 📦 HTTPie command generation

This week we added an HTTPie for Web & Desktop → Terminal command export, panel resizing, tabs reordering, a new plugin manager (CLI), and more.

8 months ago

Changelog #0002 — 🗂️ Tabs

This week we shipped a new tabs feature, local persistence, and more.

9 months ago

Changelog #0001 — 🌓 Light theme

Hello, World! Welcome to our weekly changelog. In this week’s edition, you’ll learn about our new light theme and other improvements across the platform.

9 months ago

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 2.6.0

Charset detection, display charset and mime overwrite, support for XSSI-prefixed JSON, and other improvements.

11 months ago

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 2.5.0

A new way to pass raw request data as an alternative to piping, XML pretty-printing, and improved packaging.

11 months ago

Navigating an API from the terminal

Today, we'll be diving into The Movie Database with HTTPie, jq, and jid and learning how to navigate its API efficiently.

11 months ago

Command-line API testing tricks

Whether building or consuming APIs, you're definitely testing out API calls. The command line is a developer's best friend for quick checks and iterative development.