Changelog #0003 — 📦 HTTPie command generation

This week we added an HTTPie for Web & Desktop → Terminal command export, panel resizing, tabs reordering, a new plugin manager (CLI), and more.

One week ago

Changelog #0002 — 🗂️ Tabs

This week we shipped a new tabs feature, local persistence, and more.

Two weeks ago

Changelog #0001 — 🌓 Light theme

Hello, World! Welcome to our weekly changelog. In this week’s edition, you’ll learn about our new light theme and other improvements across the platform.

One month ago

What’s new in HTTPie 2.6.0

Charset detection, display charset and mime overwrite, support for XSSI-prefixed JSON, and other improvements.

Two months ago

What’s new in HTTPie 2.5.0

A new way to pass raw request data as an alternative to piping, XML pretty-printing, and improved packaging.

Two months ago

Navigating an API from the terminal

Today, we'll be diving into The Movie Database with HTTPie, jq, and jid and learning how to navigate its API efficiently.

Three months ago

Command-line API testing tricks

Whether building or consuming APIs, you're definitely testing out API calls. The command line is a developer's best friend for quick checks and iterative development.