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APIs testing made human

APIs are hard made human

It all started with a problem: API testing was slowing us down, and the available solutions were tediously inefficient. We decided to scratch our own itch and build a better solution—one that helped us keep our flow. That humble tool, which we open-sourced, quickly captured developers’ hearts and rapidly became one of the top projects on GitHub.

We’re now building on top of that success. The power and virtually limitless potential of APIs captivate us. There’s still a lot of work to be done to unleash them fully. We’re on a mission to make APIs simple and intuitive for all those building the tools, apps, and technologies of our time. We truly believe that APIs have the capacity to make our world a better place.

Applying the same principles that made our original tool so beloved, we're building a platform for API development. The vision is an uncompromisingly simple and human-centric yet powerful ecosystem of tools and services helping developers and companies throughout the API lifecycle, especially in places where humans and APIs intersect.


Team Zoom

Jakub Roztocil

Founder & CEO

Cláudia Delgado


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We’re still a small tight-knit team on the lookout for colleagues in various roles.

Our investors

We’ve raised a Seed Round lead by Coatue. Other investors include Blossom, the founders of Intercom,, Monzo, etc.

Open Source. Open hearted. Open minded.

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