Two years ago

Changelog #0002 — 🗂️ Tabs

It’s Friday again, and it’s our second week of changelogs. Check out what’s new this week 👇

HTTPie for Web & Desktop

Our mission is nothing smaller than to provide the best experience to anyone working with APIs. With the initial milestone of the private beta reached—feature parity with the terminal version—we’re moving on to the next items on the roadmap.

🗂️ Tabs

Tabs have been around almost since GUIs became a thing. For a good reason, they’re great for organization and for juggling multiple things at once. And HTTPie now has them too!


Use them to create several requests in a single window. You can then compare them or just save them for later, up to you.

🪨 Persistency

About saving requests for later, we’ve taken a big step towards this goal: HTTPie now persists your data in local storage. The chances are that you’ll close the app by mistake or need to refresh it somehow, some-when. It would be best if you didn’t lose the requests you’ve spent time crafting when that happens. And now you won’t!

✨ Improvements

  • We’ve listened to your feedback and made the preview hidden by default. It’s still there, just a click away.
  • Remember the dirty badge on the preview we told you about last time? We found a better place for it: it is now in the title of the tab.
  • The basic auth fields now expand to multi-line. Go ahead and use event the longest username and password; they won’t get out of sight.

🪲 Fixes

  • HTTP Start-Line color highlight was all over the place. Now it’s nice and uniform.

HTTPie for Terminal

We’ve improved the development version of HTTPie for Terminal as well.

  • We now preserve individual headers with the same name included in responses. They don’t get converted into a comma-separated list anymore. (#1208)

Happy testing, and see you next week!