Two years ago

Changelog #0003 — 📦 HTTPie command generation

Friday! It's time to let you know what have we been up to. Check out what's new this week 👇

HTTPie for Web & Desktop

Our mission to provide the best experience to anyone working with APIs continues at full speed. We've reached feature parity with the terminal version, launched in a private beta, added light theme, tabs, persistency, and more.

Now we are focusing on a couple of Big Things™. In the meantime, here’s a few goodies across the platform:

📦 Export requests to HTTPie for Terminal

HTTPie for Terminal is still our most beloved child, and we want it to go hand in hand with Web & Desktop. This is the first step in that direction: you can now generate HTTPie commands in the app:

HTTPie command generation

Open the preview and select the HTTPie option. Check the generated command and copy it to your terminal or share it with a CLI-first colleague. Easy!

↔️ Resize panels

HTTPie aims to be perfectly tailored to your API requests & responses. We try our best, but you'll always know better. The ultimate power is now yours: you can resize panels.

Panel resizing

Choose your preferred panel's width by clicking and dragging the panel dividers to make them wider or narrower.

🔀 Re-order tabs

If you use tabs for organization, you'll probably find this a great addition to our last tabs update. Now you can drag and drop each tab and place them in your preferred order.

✨ Improvements

  • Need to recall when you sent that request? Now you don't need to remember. Check out the timestamp near the time and size info, at the bottom of the response panel.

  • Speaking of that area: when you hover the response size info, you now get more granular time & size stats.

  • Introduced orange color for recoverable errors (e.g., invalid JSON in the editor). Red is now used exclusively for blocking issues, and orange is for all others.

  • Tab names now omit common URL prefixes like http:// and www..

🪲 Fixes

  • Response headers were a bit mixed up with proxy headers, autch! We fixed it.

HTTPie for Terminal

There are improvements in the development version of HTTPie for Terminal as well:

🔌 Plugins management command

HTTPie for Terminal offers extensibility through plugins, and there are over 100+ of them available to try!

They add things like new authentication methods (akamai/httpie-edgegrid), transport mechanisms (httpie/httpie-unixsocket), message convertors (banteg/httpie-image), or simply change how a response is formatted.

We’ve added a new command, httpie plugins, to help you manage (install/uninstall/list) plugins. It also solves a long-standing plugins-related issue with non-pip installations (e.g., via Homebrew) and it's a potential place for many new features to come. (#1200)

Happy testing, and see you next week!