One year ago

Changelog #0022 — 🪄 HTTPie AI, methods in tabs, and more

Happy new year! 🥳 Let’s start it with a new release of HTTPie for Web & Desktop. Check out what we shipped in v2023.1.0 and v2023.1.1 👇

🔖 Summary

🪄 Introducing HTTPie AI

Today we’re launching HTTPie AI, a new way to interact with APIs.

HTTPie AI in action

HTTPie AI assistant uses artificial intelligence to increase your productivity when testing and talking to APIs. This free feature preview allows you to create requests using human language.

Read the full announcement

🗂️ See methods in tabs

HTTPie now shows the HTTP method next to the request name in the request tabs:

HTTP methods shown in tabs

This way, you can easily distinguish between tabs for requests using different methods but with the same name or URL. The <method> <name> pair works nicely as a <verb> <noun> sentence — a request identification system we already use in the library.

📚️ Quick library actions with new context menu

There’s a lot of action behind the innocently looking “+” button in the library. To make it more accessible, you can now invoke a similar menu through a right-click anywhere in the empty space in the sidebar:

Right-click an empty area in the sidebar to open Library context menu

🌊 Type a cURL command in the address field

You can paste a cURL command into the URL field for quick import. In this release, we added the ability to type an AI prompt into the address field, and at the same time, we extended it to support typing cURL commands.

cURL command in the URL field

Support for HTTPie CLI commands is coming soon.

✨ Other improvements

  • Added numerous on-import clean-ups like detecting GraphQL requests based on the body to import them with the GraphQL body type or moving Bearer tokens from Authorization: Bearer … headers to the auth tab.
  • Added more robust interactive URL matching. HTTPie will now add interactivity to links containing an IP address, port number, or pointing to localhost.
  • Added RSS feeds to this blog; grab one for your feed reader to stay up-to-date: ⚡️Atom 1.0, ⚡️RSS 2.0, ⚡️JSON Feed 1.1
  • Fixed the auto-update system not to bother you once you choose “Install on next launch.” (#55)

🧹 Bug fixes and improvements shipped in v2023.1.1

  • Added the ability to click the error badge in the Body tab to navigate to the error line.
  • Added default reason phrases to be shown for standard response status codes when not provided by the server.
  • Added the ability to import multipart cURL requests.
  • Improved the stacking behavior of log-in dialogs.
  • Fixed the “Generate” button for AI prompts entered in the URL bar being unintentionally disabled in some cases.
  • Fixed the handling of HEAD responses with Content-Length in the web app.
  • Fixed the handling of long labels in dialogs.

🧹 Bug fixes and improvements shipped in v2023.1.2

  • Added JSON syntax error highlighting for responses.
  • Fixed import of GraphQL requests using GraphQL variables.

🤩 Happy API testing, and see you again soon!