10 months ago

Changelog #0024 — ✨️ Improved variables and more

Check out what’s new in HTTPie for Web & Desktop 2023.3.0, and HTTPie for Terminal 3.2.2 👇

🔖 Summary

HTTPie for Web & Desktop 2023.3.0

🪆 Use variables recursively

Referencing a variable from another variable’s value? Why not‽ HTTPie now resolves variables recursively to help you keep your Spaces DRY.

✏️ Edit names inline

Quickly change the name of a request or collection with a double click. Just like that. Simple.

Double-click a collection or request in the sidebar to quickly rename it

💾 Save body as file

You could always copy the request and response body. Now you can also save it as a file directly from the client.

Save body as file from the message menu

🔃 Re-order variables

HTTPie orders your variables by the creation time by default. Now you can use any ordering system that makes sense for your variables.

Use drag-and-drop to re-order variables in the table

🔁 Re-order environments

And you can now re-order environments as well 🪷

Use the Shift left/right menu items to re-order environments

✨ Other enhancements

  • Collection and request names now may be up to 40 80 characters long.
  • Numerous under-the-hood stability and performance improvements.

In later 2023.3.x releases

  • Fixed slow typing in the variables table
  • Fixed slow typing when working on a GraphQL request with a large schema
  • Fixed validation false negatives when using variables in header names
  • Fixed high CPU usage when a large request is open in the active tab
  • Fixed slow rendering of the space tab with many variables and environments
  • Fixed an infinite spinner on launch when the “No environment” option is selected in the environments selector
  • Other stability improvements and minor bug fixes

HTTPie for Terminal 3.2.2

HTTPie for Terminal v3.2.2 is now available 🎉 This version fixes compatibility with urllib3 2.0.

🤩 Happy API testing, and see you again soon!