4 months ago

Changelog #0025 — ♻️ New sync protocol, docs, and more

Check out what’s new in HTTPie for Web & Desktop 2024.1.1 👇

✨ Enhancements

  • 📙 New documentation site — quickly access it via the Help menu (httpie.io/docs/desktop)
  • ♻️ New sync protocol — groundwork for upcoming multiplayer mode
  • 🚜 Selective field merging — changes are now applied on the field level, not doc level
  • ✌️ Conflict resolution — auto-merging of changes made across clients (same-field conflicts stay last-write-wins for now)
  • 🚀 Much faster initial sync — up to 20 times fewer requests
  • 💁‍♀️ Startup feedback — understand what the app is doing during longer operation
  • 🛫 ⌘R to send request — don’t fight your muscle memory (desktop-only, #36)

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Fixed search & filter keyboard shortcuts (⌘F and ⇧⌘F) to always focus the input field (#133)
  • Fixed cursor jumping in search, replace, and filter fields when typing from start/middle
  • Fixed search from selection
  • Fixed missing params in cURL and HTTPie export
  • Fixed Bearer auth token sent as param instead of header under some circumstances (#103)
  • Fixed inheriting API key from collection and passing as param (#93)
  • Fixed handling of unnamed headers to be treated as disabled instead of invalid
  • Fixed validation of URLs containing variables (#102)
  • Fixed repeat invocations of the “Check again” button inside the “Update HTTPie” dialog

🤩 Happy API testing, and see you again soon!